Community Gardening

Hey family!

I am truly beginning to enjoy gardening more and more! And, it isn’t just the gardening: the plants, the harvest, and all the other wonderful things that come with it-not at all. I also like seeing families growing their own food and becoming more self-sufficient. I like seeing your garden setups and the different things that everyone is growing. I like learning from you and I am inspired by Yahuah’s people using their gifts to honor him and share that gift with others. I love the community (people, neighborhood, nation).


I want to share a recent encounter with you my husband had. I don’t always share these experiences, but I am led to share for the glory of Yah. Earlier this week, hubby had come home from work and was tending to the garden. He and the kiddos were outside when a woman approached. She was a realtor surveying and taking photos of the house next door. She asked if she could come and see the garden. Once inside, she was amazed at what she saw. She asked my husband if she could have some of the collard greens that she was standing in the midst of. My husband gladly obliged but said, “I don’t have anything to put them in.” She went to her car and pulled out a garbage bag (a 13 gallon y’all:) then handed it to my husband. As he packed the greens in the bag, the woman exclaimed: “This is enough to feed my three!” My husband filled the bag and she was on her way! Praise the Most High! Exciting right?!?! Well, family, you simply must keep reading because there is more to the story! 😇😃😆

Now, the other part to this story is >>> I’d been praying and asking The Most High what to do with the surplus we had. We had an excess of veggies and eggs; our deep freezer is filled to the rim and the fridge can hold no more in it. We’d already shared the harvest with the families we know, the hubby even shared with co-workers and such and it still was a lot! Meanwhile, the plants continue to grow and grow and grow. The chickens continue to lay and lay and lay. So, trust when I tell ya, I’d been praying because I certainly did not want these blessings to go to waste . . . and waste they did not!

And, though it may seem to many that this woman who appeared, what seems like out of nowhere, ‘out of the blue’, was a mere coincidence, I am here to tell you this was not a coincidence. This was not happenstance. Nope! Y’all, this was an answered prayer from The Most High! 🥰 Glory to YAH!

Family, YAH is real. He hears and will answer at his appointed time. And, the answer won’t always be how we anticipate it being (Isa 55:9), but he certainly answers-even what we consider as the small things.

Plant a seed; one for you and one for me.
Through YAH a bountiful harvest we will reap!
Blessed L.I.F.E

One thought on “Community Gardening

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