What You Can Grow In Your Fall Vegetable Garden

Shalom family!

Lately, it’s been hectic maintaining the garden, harvesting the garden, and now prepping the garden . . . so much so I haven’t had the time I thought I would have to put up more on the blog. But, praise YAH for the time he has granted today. HalleluYah!

Sooo, it’s August and the upcoming season is for cool crops and quickly approaching. With that being said, if you were hesitant about starting a garden or you thought you missed the opportunity to do so, there is still time to “put a seed in the ground.”

Here are a few reasons to consider planting a fall garden:

  • You can continue (or start) to provide healthy, delicious food for your family and/or community
  • Cooler temps means less watering, no dehydrated plants, and no two-a-days for you (PTMH:)
  • The soil temperature is ideal for seedlings to get a good start and thrive
  • Plants grow better (no worries about damaged crops from the scorching heat)

Here are some vegetables that can be planted for your fall garden:

*Plant leafy greens in succession to continue harvesting through the season until frost. *

**Keep an eye out for pesky slugs or cutworms which love leafy greens. They arrive at sunset and will feast on your seedlings and leafy greens as if it were a sign displaying ‘all you can eat.’**

***Be sure to check the frost dates for your particular zone/region to assure you have enough time for your plants to mature for a harvest.

Let’s get growing family!

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