Health Benefits of Black Rice

Hey family! I just want to share this little nugget with ya!

Sooo, as I’ve been seeking to worship Abba Yah in spirit and in truth, I have been trying diligently to be even more conscious about taking care of this temple he has given me. With that being said, I was on the search for an alternative for rice. I made the transition and I have been eating brown rice for about three to four months, but I just wanted to see what else is available. I eat quinoa, but I like to mix it up a bit, therefore, the search was on. I was led to black rice and found out it has a long list of benefits like:

  • high in antioxidants
  • includes several nutrients and high in protein
  • heart healthy (decreases plaque buildup in arteries)
  • detoxifies and cleanses liver of toxic buildup
  • good for eye health
  • lowers risk of cancer
  • gluten-free
  • helps lower glucose (blood sugar) levels
  • decreases risk of fatty liver
  • helps aid in weight loss by reducing appetite

A long list right? But, guess what else? I was pleasantly surprised; it actually taste good. This one’s a keeper for me (for the benefits alone:) Have you tried black rice? If so, please share.

Find out more about Black Rice (Forbidden Rice) here.

One thought on “Health Benefits of Black Rice

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