In the Garden

Shalom family! This week we are sharing a few photos from the garden. What do you have growing? Please, share pics of your garden! We would love to see it and what Elohiym is doing!

Let’s Get Healthy! Let’s Get Growing! #BlessedLife

A glimpse in the garden | 9.19.2021
It’s always exciting to see new life! And, it’s even more exciting to see how The Most High sustains and orchestrates things to work out for good and his glory! Praise The Most High YAH! #FallGardening

This, family, is a homegrown bell pepper. It is as sweet as it is beautiful! For spring, we planted tri-color peppers (green, red, yellow, and orange) but the reds are truly thriving.

In the spring, we planted five varieties of tomatoes. Due to the extreme heat, only two of the five did well. However, they did exceptionally well and are still producing a wonderful harvest, especially this late in the season. Instead of growth slowing down, it seems to have accelerated. Praise YAH! And, Big Al Jr., our aloe plant, is still growing beautifully; getting bigger and bigger each day!

Praise the Most High Yah!

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