In the Garden

Hey family!

Since our growing season is coming to an end, this week’s In the Garden post will be short and sweet. Currently, we still have mustard greens that are doing great, but everything else has run its course. We give thanks for it all! We are so grateful for the harvests and especially the lessons we have learned (in and out of the garden) this growing season. Praise Abba Yah!

However, it doesn’t stop here. We will proceed to clean up the garden and let the land heal, plan & prepare for the next season (Spring), and if Yah is willing . . . plant, plant, plant! 😇

This is our last harvest of the season. (There was more, but we shared the blessing with others). Glory to Yah! I must say, for our first fall garden, we are thankful and blessed and certainly would like to try again.

And, if you have not considered, I implore you to reconsider starting a garden. There are herbs, vegetables, and fruits which can be grown indoors. If you’re space is small or you have no outdoor space, there are alternatives that you can use to have a successful garden. Start small with a few herbs, a fruit or veggie that’s easy to grow, or start by planting your favorite fruit or vegetable (with a few exceptions of course:)


Praise the Most High Yah!

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