Backyard Chickens

So, you’ve been procrastinating about getting your own flock, huh? I can honestly say, your hesitation isn’t unwarranted. As a keeper of chickens myself, it’s not as easy as it appears, nor is it difficult, but it does come with a share of precaution. That precaution is a big word that carries a lot of weight… COMMITMENT. Yes. You must be all in.

Even with the best laid out plans or a coop with everything accessible to them, the girls will still need for you to:

  • provide food daily
  • provide fresh water daily
  • collect eggs daily
  • allot time to forage each day
  • check on them to see if everything is a-okay

*Please note: If there are no livestock or exotic med vets in your area, which is highly likely, be prepared to care for chickens and do minor surgery. (And, you shall have no fear because there are community forums that offer a wealth of advice and YouTube:)

Are you ready to commit? If so, keep reading…

All of us who aim to grow our own food and medicine could use a little help sometimes, right? Maybe someone to aerate, till, and weed the garden, and remove some of the peskier bugs. It’d be great if they could make our kitchen chores easier by reducing waste and providing healthy food for our families. They need to be affordable. And if they can also offer peace of mind and maybe even some entertainment—all the better!-Grow Network

Learn more about 5 Excellent Reasons To Keep Backyard Chickens

Ready? Start your research @ Backyard Also, be sure to check city ordinances in your area for keeping chickens. In most cases, backyard chickens are permissible but with restrictions, such as not to exceed a certain number of chickens or the restriction of roosters. Also, most suburban areas or neighborhoods with HOAs prohibit the keeping of chickens or any type of farm animal, therefore be sure to do your research. Now, time to make a decision. Let’s go!

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