Stock up on pain relievers, allergy/cold/flu meds, lozenges, eye drops, toothache meds, etc, and get lots of it!

If you’re on maintenance medications (for chronic health conditions), if possible request a 90-day supply and ask for the maximum refills.

When there’s a natural disaster, government shutdown, or no entry is permissible to shop in the stores, you’ll need to have something in place. Begin researching and testing natural remedies to see what works best for you or your family members.

Turmeric, ginger, moringa, mullein leaves, soursop, etc, are a few of the natural remedies that help with the chronic conditions that many of our family members are plagued with.

If you suffer with migraine headeaches, PMS, joint pains, anything you deem as debilitating, get what you need now so you’ll have what you need later.

Family, do not allow complacency to set in. Let us be wise and prepare as our Elohiym has instructed.

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