You never miss your water until your well runs dry. Anonymous

Have you ever thought about the amount of water you use or how often you use it? For most of us, water is so readily available that we take no thought of how much water we consume or how often we use it. In case you have a tendency, like me, to overlook this precious commodity here’s a look at our everyday uses of water…

  • drinking
  • cooking
  • dishwashing
  • brushing teeth
  • bathing/showering
  • toilet flushing
  • cleaning
  • washing/drying clothing
  • watering lawn/garden
  • feeding/caring for animals or pets
  • washing cars

I’m sure there’s probably more I did not mention. If you all think of anything please share in the comment section:)

But, family, what happens in the event of a natural disaster or a shutdown (e.g. Hurricane Katrina or the Rona plandemic)? What happens when there’s no running water from the tap? What happens if the lakes or ponds nearby have gone dry? You’ll want to have plenty of fresh and clean drinking water available. (At least one gallon per day per person/per pet).

Here are some of the options available: bottled water, plastic water storage containers, glass water storage containers, stainless steel water storage containers, rainwater barrels, or a water filtration system. Though these are recommendations on what is best, be practical and get what your budget will afford. If it’s bottled water, which is the most simple and cost effective way to store water, it must be rotated out. Come up with a rotation schedule that works best for you. Gather the family and execute!

Read here for more information about how to prepare/store water for emergency purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: Contaminated water can make you sick, so be sure to properly store your water, in order to have it when you need it.

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