Prep List

This is a comprehensive list of the inventory needed in the event of an emergency, such as a natural disaster, government shutdown, etc. Though this list is extensive, the information provided is to prepare you and your family for the worst possible outcome, and through The Most High, YAHUAH, help bring you and your family to the best resolution to alleviate hardship during a most difficult time.

This checklist is comprised of what is required in the event of an emergency and why it is required.

As you study this list, add to it to suit you and your family’s needs. Take note of the things you will require for you and your family and make the necessary adjustments. Then, you will have a personalized prep list! All Praises To The Most High Yah!

*PLEASE NOTE: To provide you with more info, there are links within the supplies list which redirect you from Blessed LIFE’s website to another site/source, however, most redirects are to .gov sites but not all.

Check back often. Yah willing, we will continue to update this list. And, if you find something that is not on the list, drop us a comment. We would love to share it with Yisra’el. Thanks family! May Yah continue to bless and keep you and yours. HalleluYah!

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